Every grape variety has its own characteristics and work in the vineyards is carried out in order to get the best from each and every vine. Annual work includes winter pruning, plowing, tying the vines, leaf removal, summer pruning, green harvesting and grape picking.

We are very careful to be as environmentally friendly as possible. For example, sprays against mildews are only carried out when weather conditions indicate an out break is likely, and using contact (not systemic) treatments. Organic fertiliser is applied, and beneficial insects are encouraged. Our irrigation program is mindful of the need to conserve precious water and vineyard waste is rotted for use as compost.

The vineyard at Gećitköy has proved excellent for producing Cabernet Sauvignon with great complexity and with wonderful balance of ripe tannins and refreshing acidity. The Shiraz grown here gets super ripe and the fruit shows great character of red and black berries with gentle spiciness.

The Güzelyurt vineyards are more recently planted, but already the Cabernet Sauvignon is performing very well. Also planted here is Chardonnay - the challenge of producing quality white wine in the hot climate of North Cyprus is considerable but we are rising to this.

Future expansion is planned into higher and cooler sites, specifically for growing white grapes.